What We Do

Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation

At Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation our aim is to spread awareness and ease the burden on people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease – and their loved ones and caregivers.

We hope not only to be a guide and beacon of hope, but also to tangibly guide them through whatever challenges that may appear.

We do this by embarking on numerous sensitization and orientation campaigns, providing palpable aid materials, and comfort items.


Through our yearly workshops and outreaches, we ensure we get through to people diagnosed with Parkinson’s and their loved ones in order to educate them further, sensitize, and of course equip them with the various forms of resources that would undoubtedly help lessen their plights.

Run/Walks and Speech Competitions 

We also organize run/walks rally aimed at furthering our ambitions of spreading awareness about Parkinson’s to the masses. 

And we have Speech Competitions held annually, aimed specifically at younger persons to ensure they learn about the nuances of Parkinson’s Disease as early as possible. 

Annual Gala Ball

The Kingdor National Parkinson’s Foundation hosts an annual gala ball to reflect upon our yearly achievements, recognize key influential people that have gone out of their way to make sacrifices to further our cause, and most importantly, to make plans on achieving even greater accomplishments for the coming year. 

Learn more about our upcoming 20th Anniversary Gala Ball.